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Flexible or rigid, clear or colors, we have the tubing you need. Lamp guards provide safety where there is a risk of breaking a fluorescent bulb. Tube packs are great for mailing posters or water resistant storage for maps. The epoxy tube is light and strong, perfect for kite building. Try polycarbonate tube for virtually unbreakable applications.

At TAP Plastics, we believe that the possibilities of plastic are endless. That is why we proudly supply a vast selection of plastic rods and other plastic shapes with varying degrees of tolerance. Acrylic and different types of plastic are popularly used in DIY projects and home improvement applications because they are durable and easy to customize. We also offer an assortment of plastic tubing that includes a wide range of carbon fiber, epoxy, polycarbonate, and vinyl options to choose from. From flexible to rigid and clear to color, we have all your needs covered in our collection. Shop today!

Our selection of plastic circles, diamonds, rings, rods, spheres, squares, and other shapes is a beautiful place to find decorative accents, materials, and much more for all your future projects. Cast acrylic is the highest quality acrylic available, providing the highest optical clarity and thermal stability. Our plastic spheres or cubes can be used as knobs and furniture feet, while our plastic circles can be used as cake rounds for special events. We offer many sizes to choose from, so you can find an ideal solution to suit your specific needs. All clear plastic shapes are polished to perfection.

Plastic tubing is extraordinarily versatile, allowing you to guard fluorescent bulbs, mail posters, and store documents with ease. Wherever there is a risk of breakage or exposure to moisture, you can find a high-quality tube to help you reduce that risk. Our plastic rods can be decorated, drilled, painted, and sawed. We supply crystal-clear corner molding to help you protect walls, extruded acrylic bars for Slatwall applications, and butyrate joining sections for display purposes. From structural reinforcement to aesthetic improvement, plastic will soon become your go-to material.

Take on any project or task with complete confidence by letting our thermoplastic experts help you along the way. Just call 888-827-7330 or email today to receive additional information or further assistance. If you need a specific length or size to suit your particular set of needs, make a notation in the comment section at checkout. We will contact you with updated pricing once we receive your order.