Sneeze Guard Connectors and Hinges

These sneeze guard connectors and hinges, made of clear extruded RPVC (Rigid PVC), will make life easier for anyone needing to create a quick, lightweight sneeze guard option that can be portable or permanent. They are lightweight and durable.

Product Information:

  • Base Channels can be used as a cardholder alone or with the rest of the system.
  • The system has Base Channels, Hinges and Corner Pieces.
  • Base Channels have peel and stick adhesive.
  • Hinges can join two pieces to create a book type shape.
  • Multiple hinges and panels can make a Shoji screen design.
  • Corners create a ridgid right angle and can be used to create a simple booth type structure.
  • Soft grippers, inside the channel, will hold the material in place without glue!
  • These pieces are perfect for creating a simple barrier between classmates, coworkers, or patients.

Technical Drawings:

6-ft T Base for 1/16"-1/8" w/ Adhesive (H333)

6-ft T Base for 3/16"-1/4" w/ Adhesive (H226)

6-ft Living Hinge 1/16"-1/8" (H358)

6-ft Living Hinge 3/16"-1/4" (H356)

6-ft Corner Moulding 1/16"-1/8" (H354)

6-ft Corner Moulding 3/16"-1/4" (H357)

NOTE: If 6' OVERSIZE is selected, an additional S/H charge will be added to your invoice. If specific lengths are needed, please make a notation in the Comments/Instructions form in the checkout page.


If “other” is selected from drop down for cutting, a labor charge may apply. We will contact you with pricing after we receive your order.


UPS applies the fee to any package exceeding 48” however, they require a minimum of 2” around the product to reduce any possible damages.




Video for making a barrier using living hinge component/connector.