Emergency Repair Tape Information

…Stretch, Wrap, Fixed!

Emergency Repair Tape is now available at TAP Plastics! “ER” Tape is a unique, self- bonding, silicone rubber tape suitable wherever tough, permanently resilient, void-free insulation is required. ER Tape is self-adhering and self-fusing, curing in 24 hours at room temperature. Faster curing and a harder finish can be accomplished through the application of heat after wrapping.

• Temperature range (continuous):

  • -60°C (-76° F) to +200°C (392° F) 
  • (intermittent): -65°C (-85° F) to +260°C (500° F)
• UL 510 recognized
Emergency Repair Tape can be used to fix or repair most anything:

Home & Garden: Shovel/Tool Handle Wrap • Temporary Hose Repairs • Plumbing Repair • Extension Cord "Connection" Wrap • Flexible Heater Repairs • Vacuum Cleaner Hose Repairs • Water Hose & Pipe repair • “No residue” Masking Tape • Bicycle & Wheelchair Handle Wraps

Sporting Goods: Baseball bat/Racquet Grips • Skate Board Wrapping • Golf Club Grip • Fishing Rod Guide & Grip Tape

Electrical: Electric Fence Insulation • Wrapping Electrical Insulation • Weatherproofing Electrical Connections • Motor Lead Insulation • Sealing Electrical Connections • Coil Encapsulating • Wiring Harnesses • High-Temp Insulation Applications

Industrial: Hydraulic Fitting Protection • Pipe Wrapping • Cooling System Repairs • Corrosion Protection • Emergency O-Rings & Seals

Auto/RV: Emergency Radiator Hose Repair • RV Hook-up Protective Wrap •
RV Repairs • Automotive Repair Tape • Jumper Cable Grip Protection

Marine: Jet-Ski Electrical Protection • Marine Bumper Use • Marine Exhaust & Hose Repairs • Boat Rigging Wrap • Sailboat Chafe Protection • Saltwater-proof wrap

Military Applications, Underwater Uses and more...