Window Tint Films

When it comes to energy efficiency, security, and solar protection, nothing can beat window film. Beyond its protective qualities, window tint film comes in many shades and colors to provide aesthetic enhancements as well. Window film also offers glare reduction and can reduce the chances of break-ins or property damage. If you expect and want more from the windows in your automobile, home, or office, TAP Plastics is the destination for you. We offer premium window tint films for use in automotive, residential, and commercial applications, including vinyl-cling film that can stick to glass without needing any adhesive. Find just what you need to increase security measures or shield your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation by exploring our selection today.

Are you tired of sitting in the hot seat all day? Non-reflective car window tint film offers UV ray protection, reduced heat and glare, upholstery preservation, and a level of customization for your ride. Unlike pre-packaged DIY film, our auto window tint film is professional-grade and guaranteed to be scratch-resistant. We offer solar-control window tint films for home use, so you can block harmful UV rays while still being able to see outside clearly. These sun-blocking films never fade, or bubble and they will even help you reduce heating costs. We offer two types of solar control films providing different levels of heat reflection and visible light transmission, but both block 99 percent of UV rays that can cause health issues.