Signage Information

Since 1952, TAP Plastics has been providing quality service and unique products for home and business owners, so it's no wonder that we provide quality materials and creative ideas for our signage customers as well. Here are some things to consider when designing your sign:

  • What do you want it to say? Write in upper- and lower-case letters exactly how you want the sign to read.
  • How large do you want the final sign, the width and height available is very important to determine the letter size.
  • Will the sign be for indoor or outdoor use?
  • Will there be a background or are the letters being applied directly to a wall?
  • What color is the wall/background going to be? This helps determine the letter color.
  • Can you use one of our standard LASER fonts? Using these pre-programmed fonts is the most cost-effective option.
  • Do you have a different font or logo you want to use? If so, we will need vector artwork saved to the correct, finished size. This file can be a vector PDF, AI, EPS or DXF file. See below.
  • Do you know what thickness acrylic you would like to use? Most colors only come in 1/8” thickness but a few, like White, Black, Blue and Red are available in other thicknesses. Usually, larger letters require thicker material for strength. 



  • Drawing specifications need to include material, thickness, and quantity needed for a fabrication quote.
  • We accept .DXF, .DWG, .AI and .PDF vector line files. Please save as lines and arcs, not splines when making a .DXF file.
  • Make sure all lines are joined. Make sure to save as full size and scale the drawing accurately. Let us know whether you are using inches or mm (Inches or mm only.)
  • Remove all hidden layers and text. Show only the cut lines.
  • All text fonts must be converted to outlines (Adobe Illustrator) VECTOR LINE DRAWING of the shape only.
  • We cannot use a .JPEG or .GIF or other bitmap files.