At our TAP Plastics stores we carry a wide variety of plastic adhesives and applicators for cementing acrylic.

Hypo-Type Solvent Cement Applicator

Hypo-Type Solvent Cement Applicator for capillary cementing of plastic sheets. The dust-proof cap protects the blunt needle.
  • Size: 2 oz squeeze-type bottle.
  • Needle Sizes: Small BD-25/2 for acrylic solvent cement; Large BD-49/2 for thick laminating cement; 16 gauge needle on rigid chamber


Syringe (Taper-Tip and Graduated) is ideal for measuring and dispensing precise quantities of epoxies, polyesters, urethanes, MEKP, etc.
  • Size: 2 oz

Cementing Instructions

Cementing Instructions

To cement acrylic, the two most important items are:
TAP Acrylic Cement and the TAP Hypo-Applicator.

Capillary Method: Before gluing acrylic do not flame or polish edges (to prevent crazing) and remove about 1" of masking from the edges of acrylic. Fit surfaces (to be cemented) snugly together without any gaps or voids. Use a jig, clamp, or weight to hold surfaces in direct contact under mild uniform pressure. Apply the cement with a TAP Hypo-Applicator allowing the cement to flow into the joint by capillary action. The union will set in thirty to sixty minutes; however, a full cure does not occur for eight hours.

TAP Hypo-Applicator: Do not the fill hypo-bottle more than half way. Hold bottle upright and squeeze slowly to expel air. Release pressure slowly while moving hypo-needle into position to glue the joint. This slow pressure release creates a slight vacuum and lessens the possibility of dripping glue which can mar or damage the surface of the acrylic. With the hypo-needle in place squeeze bottle gently and pull needle backwards along joint to be glued. Do not PUSH hypo-needle along the joint because it plugs easily.

TAP Acrylic Cement

TAP Acrylic Cement is a free-flowing (capillary), solvent-type bonding agent for acrylic pieces. Generally it is used for edge gluing, since it softens surfaces and welds them together. It produces strong, optically clear cemented joints. Apply with brush, medicine dropper, hypo-solvent applicator, or syringe.
  • Sizes: 4 oz, pint, quart

SCIGRIP Weld-On 3 and 4 Cements

SCIGRIP Weld-On 3 and 4 Cements are both high-strength, fast drying, clear, and water thin acrylic cements. Weld-On 3 is very fast drying and may blush under humid conditions. Always test your application for blushing (clouding) before finalizing glue choice, especially if an aesthetic seam is critical.
  • Sizes: 4 oz, pint, quart

SCIGRIP Weld-On 16 Cement

SCIGRIP Weld-On 16 Cement is a clear and thick cement for industrial grade acrylic. Heavy-bodied solvent for quick bond. Cements styrene, butyrate, and other plastics. Use on irregular edges, especially when high-strength (not bubble-free) joints are required.
  • Sizes: 1.5 oz tube, 5 oz tube, gallon

SCIGRIP Weld-On 2007

SCIGRIP Weld-On 2007 is a clear, water-thin, fast-drying solvent for rigid vinyl (PVC). Apply with brush, syringe, or spray. Softens and fuses the two surfaces in contact. Bonds within minutes.
  • Sizes: pint

SCIGRIP Weld-On 2354

SCIGRIP Weld-On 2354 is a clear, thin bodied, fast setting cement for bonding ABS and styrene to themselves.
  • Size: pint