TAP Plastics: San Mateo, CA
606 South B Street
San Mateo, CA 94401

Email: tap16@tapplastics.com

Open: Closed for Shelter in Place

Phone: 650.344.7127
Fax: 650.344.5706

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TAP Plastics: San Mateo, CA
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Manager: Enrique Ramirez
Email: manager16@tapplastics.com

Enrique has been with TAP since September 2013.

I do a fair bit of marine fiberglass work. As in, I build wood core sailboat rudders and cover them with fiberglass and epoxy for both strength and water resistance. I've found that TAP resin and catalyst are very easy to work with and not "picky" about the exact ratios. I eyeball the ratios and have never had an issue with things not setting up within the usual time, and getting good results in 12-24 hours. As with all epoxies, if the weather is really cold, then more time is needed.

Yelp review from Scottish W.
San Francisco, CA
January 12, 2020