Did you know that acrylic plastic is often called plexiglass?

Hi-Impact Acrylic

TAP Plastics proudly introduces ACRYLITE RESIST 65® acrylic sheets by Cyro Industries. Now available at our TAP Plastic stores, this industrial sheet is a versatile, thermoplastic material developed for retail display and glazing markets as well as other markets requiring strength, appearance, and weatherability.

High optical quality Acyrlite Resist sheet provides the beautiful look of acrylic with much more significant impact strength for durability during manufacturing, shipping, and in-store use. Rigid, sturdy, and lightweight, Acyrlite Plus sheet is easily fabricated and machined, including cutting, routing, forming, and cementing.

POP display is fabricated from Acrylte Plus.
Acrylite Resist is ideal for use in: POP displays, store fixtures, glazing and general fabrication.
  • Availability: Available in a colorless sheet in a thickness of 1/16" • 3/32" • 1/18" • 3/16" • 1/4"
  • Sheet size: 4' x 8'. We cut to size.
  • Impact Strength: Has many times the impact strength of glass and standard acrylic sheet.
  • Light Weight: Weights half as much as glass.
  • Surface Hardness: Good surface hardness helps reduce damage during fabrication and extends service life.
  • Strength & Stresses: Tensile strength is 8,900 psi at room temperature.
  • Heat Resistance: Keeps its rigid shape up to 160 degrees F.
  • Light Transmission: Excellent light transmission. Material resists yellowing and fading after prolonged sun exposure. Light transmittance is higher than 91% (1/8" thickness). It retains high light transmitting properties for many years.
  • Formability: Forming temperature range is 270 degrees F to 350 degrees F.
  • Chemical Resistance: Inorganic alkalies, diluted acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic solvents, alcohols, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and lacquer thinners.
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