TAP Plastics: Portland, OR
2842 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232

Email: tap12@tapplastics.com

Open: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 6, Sat 9 to 5.

Phone: 503.230.0770
Fax: 503.230.1275

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TAP Plastics: Portland, OR
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Manager: Pat Heard
Email: manager12@tapplastics.com
Pat has been with TAP since September 1985.

Asst. Manager: Tamryn Palo
Tamryn has been with TAP since May 2018.

I strolled into TAP Plastics today with a big, broken down piece of acrylic that I needed to replace for my children's school classrooms. Their expensive light table tops had shattered and were unusable. We had the option to order a replacement from the manufacturer, but the shipping cost alone was as much as the replacement, additionally we'd have to wait 5-6 weeks for manufacture and delivery. Without flinching, the staff person pulled out samples to match the opacity and thickness and gave me a great price on the spot! The two pieces I needed were in stock and came home with me today. These came to our school at nearly half the price we would have had to pay elsewhere and we are glad to support our local TAP plastics! They are so pleasant and helpful, thank you so much for making a dull errand a rousing success, and making me feel smart for choosing you. Like I told them, in a school, these table tops will break again, you can count on our return business!

Yelp review from Monet H.
Portland, OR
March 4, 2020