TAP Plastics: Bellevue, WA
12021 NE Northup Way
Bellevue, WA 98005

Email: tap31@tapplastics.com

Open: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 6, Sat 9 to 5.

Phone: 425.502.7225
Fax: 425.502.7773

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TAP Plastics: Bellevue, WA
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Manager: Ryan Stobaugh
Email: manager31@tapplastics.com
Ryan has been with TAP since July 2012.

Asst. Manager: Benjamin Mitchell
Benjamin has been with TAP since November 2015.

"I've been here a few times, and the staff has always been courteous and helpful. I bought two portable air conditioners and needed plexiglass cut for the exhaust pipes so they could vent out the window. This included both cutting it to fit the window, and adding a hole for the exhaust pipe connector. Both pieces needed different shaped holes, and TAP plastics did an excellent job taking measurements and cutting it to specifications. Each piece met the exact size and shapes I needed. I've also purchased resins and epoxies here for different projects. They had a vast selection and helped me pick the one best suited to my needs. I was also able to buy all the materials I needed, like fiberglass cloth to go with the epoxy which I used to make a mask for Halloween. They have a huge selection of stuff for Cosplay, like Worbla and fiberglass fillers!"

Yelp review from Ryan W.
Redmond, WA
December 12, 2018