Safety Window Film

Safety Window Film
Clear, scratch-resistant, 4-mil Safety Window Film acts like a steel curtain to hold shattered glass in place, helping to protect your family from serious harm. Safety film offers UV protection as well—blocking up to 98% of damaging ultra-violet rays.

Children/Accidents: Sliding glass doors and running children often collide. With a clear 4-mil Safety Film the shattered glass is held in place, reducing chances of injury.

Earthquakes/Storms: Windows can shatter into fragments, sending shards of flying glass into the room. Safety Film holds broken window glass in place, reducing chances of injury.

Break-Ins: Windows are your weakest link of security. Clear Safety Film discourages break-ins by making entry through a window difficult.

Graffiti Protection: Cover windows, mirrors, and glass doors with clear, scratch-resistant Safety Film to reduce the cost of vandalism. Broken glass, when covered with Safety Film, is easier to replace and reduces cleanup.

*How “shiny” the film appears from outside—as a reference, plain glass is 8% (60% is very shiny)

Specification Guide
Safety-and-Security Film: LLumar® SCLSRPS4 Safety-and-Security Film with the following performance characteristics when applied to the interior surface of single-pane, 1/8-inch clear glass:

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