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Epoxy is favored for its superior adhesion and chemical/water resistance with virtually no odor and VOC's; it offers environmental advantages as well. TAP epoxy resins have no significant shrinkage during cure. Coat-It epoxy is an excellent waterproof sealer for ponds, basement walls, and more.

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Our solvents clean tools, brushes, rollers and more after using polyester or epoxy resin.

When working with fiberglass, wood, metal, or other materials, a strong bond is key to the success of any project. In a pinch, you can substitute wood glue and other adhesives for a water-resistant resin known as epoxy. Epoxies are favored for their superior adhesion as well as chemical and water resistance. Compared to other adhesives, epoxies also have no odor or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful to your health. TAP Plastics offers a vast selection of epoxy resins to accommodate any application in which high-strength flexibility is required. From laminating to performing repair work, you will soon discover all the benefits of choosing epoxies for your projects. Shop from this selection today to find the perfect solution.

General-purpose epoxy is commonly used with fiberglass for repairs on metal and wood structures, such as livestock trailers, boat hulls, passenger cars, and so much more. With a relatively fast curing rate, you can significantly improve assembly time and costs overall. Super-hard epoxy resins provide superior surface hardness and excellent chemical resistance, making them useful for repairing fume hoods, ducts, floors, and other areas that are prone to acid, corrosion, or gasoline. Marine-grade epoxies are some of the safest adhesives available. We also stock waterproof epoxies, polymer coatings, multipurpose sealants, and glass-like coatings with UV inhibitors to reduce yellowing of epoxies.

Make cleanup as simple as can be by exploring our assortment of solvents for epoxy resin. Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) solvent is commonly used with adhesives, chemical intermediates, lube oil dewaxing agents, magnetic tapes, printing inks, and other surface coatings, but it is particularly effective for epoxies. Although it is slightly more volatile than MEK, acetone is another powerful solvent that can be used to clean fiberglass resins, epoxies, vinyl, lacquers, and adhesives. Our own Replacetone is designed to clean polyester and other resins from tools or hands without the hazards associated with chemical cleaning solvents. No matter what you are looking for, we have all your needs covered in this selection. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.
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Kayak made using TAP Epoxy Resins.