TAP Plastics: San Leandro, CA
3011 Alvarado Street
San Leandro, CA 94577

Email: tap10@tapplastics.com

Open: Mon-Fri 8 to 6, Sat 9 to 5.

Phone: 510.357.3755
Fax: 510.357.4761

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TAP Plastics: San Leandro, CA
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Manager: Russ Miller
Email: manager10@tapplastics.com
Russ has been with TAP since July 1980.

Asst. Manager: Gretchen Skillman
Gretchen has been with TAP since December 2011.

So I had a job to do today for a customer. I normally put glass on. But this job was different than any job I had to do. It involve plastic. I didn't have the tools to cut the big board I purchased at there store and realized that the long plastic sheet didn't fit in the back of my truck. Didn't pay attention to the gentleman's name that came out the store after my purchase and came to offer me help. He could've just stayed in the store. After all he got my money right? It's not his problem now right? Nope this gentleman that worked there came and offered me to cut the sheet to make it fit on my truck. Then I left. Got to the job and like a dummy realized I didn't have anything to cut the plastic sheet in order to make the fit for the job. I didn't even know what to use. Like I said I install glass not plastic. But the customer wanted plastic. So I had to do to get the job done exactly how my customer wanted. I go back to the store immediately a woman that worked at tap plastics came to the rescue on my second visit. She offered to cut the plastic sheet to the exact shape I needed. While she's doing her magic the gentleman from my first visit explains the process of the cut and tools to get it done how I needed. He also teaches me what tools they sell to get the job done on my own for future purposes. Long story short. The job was completed and the lady that helped me I believe her name was Elizabeth. Did it all for me. All I had to do was deliver and install it. Great customer service and very nice people that work at that store.

Yelp review from
Emilio H., Concord, CA
August 21, 2019