Gemini Formed Letters

Gemini Letters

Your sign is your customers first impressions of you— make it a good one with durable molded acrylic letters and numbers in upper and lower case (some symbols available). Size ranges from 2" to 48" in height. Over 50 letter styles available and over 30 colors to choose from. Delivery in 5-7 days.

Gemini-Premier manufacturer of Letters, Logos & Plaques for the sign industry. The choice is the pedestal on which creativity rests. We offer you the greatest range of letters available. You can pick from traditional to ornamental letter styles in the eloquence of fine metals or various forms and cut out plastic.


Experience and Expertise: The world's largest manufacturer of plastic and metal dimensional letters.

Superior Quality and Service: perienced craftsmen use only the finest materials to produce our letters, logos, and plaques. Whether you choose plastic or metal, each piece is hand-finished and polished according to your specifications.

Lifetime Guarantee: If a Gemini letter, logo, or plaque should ever break, crack, chip, fade or fail to look as good as the day it arrived, we will replace that product with no questions asked. We require a return of the defective product.

Signage Tools:

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For more information regarding Gemini Letters, contact the TAP location nearest you or call 888-827-7330.