Light Panels

At our TAP Plastics stores we carry a wide variety of acrylic appropriate for creating light panels. Light Panels are only available at our stores. They are not available online.

Smooth Matte Acrylic

Smooth Matte Acrylic is a no glare acrylic sheet. It is easy to create subdued and safe lighting with light weight, low cost, and never yellowing acrylic.

•  Size: 2' x 4' x .050 (we cut-to-size)

Prismatic Panel

Prismatic Panel is a non-yellowing acrylic sheet that controls glare with the bonus of lighting efficiency.

•  Color:
•  Size:  2' x 4' x .110  (we cut-to-size)

Egg Crate Louvers

Egg Crate Louvers are made of 1/2" by 1/2" open cells that permit air circulation, lower operating temperature, and improve lamp performance.

•  Color: translucent white
•  Size:  2' x 4' 

Silver Parabolic Louvers

Silver Parabolic Louvers offer a low-light brightness. The angle of the louvers create excellent task lighting. Reduces glare on computer monitors.

•  Color: silver metallic
•   2' x 4' 

Lighting Accessories

Strip-Mate is a clip-on diffuser designed for bare fluorescent fixtures. Eliminates harsh glare.

  • Fixture Choice: 1-light, 2-light, end caps

Break-Resistant Safety Shields protect bare glass tubes from breaking with lamp guards of high-heat resistant Lexan.

  • Size: 8' length with end caps (cut with scissors)