Plastic Repair

TAP Plastics is proud to be the premier destination for DIY enthusiasts and industry professionals that enjoy the many benefits of plastic fabrication. With over 60 years of experience in wholesale distribution, we know just how valuable these multi-purpose materials are. That is why we are pleased to offer a vast selection of plastic repair products that are used throughout various industries and hobbies. We tend to neglect the presence and importance of plastic in everyday life. From the latest smartphones to plumbing pipes to automotive body parts, plastic is an indispensable material that continues to grow in popularity. We have a variety of competitively priced supplies that can help you restore any damaged plastic surface with ease.

There is nothing worse than discovering discoloration or scratches on the smooth plastic surface of a project you have been working on. Luckily, we offer an assortment of plastic repair products that are up to the task. NOVUS first introduced its line of plastic polished back in 1973. Despite the spike of plastic production since then, most consumers are still unsure as to how to care for and maintain plastic. The NOVUS three-part plastic system is designed to remove anything from haziness to light to moderate scratches, leaving behind a lustrous shine that eliminates static, repels dust, and resists fogging. With the plastic clean and shine solution on hand, you can restore a wide array of materials and surfaces, such as fiberglass, marble, vinyl, and much more.

Tired of polishing large plastic surfaces by hand? The complete buffing kit made by NOVUS will help you restore large areas efficiently, quickly, and professionally. Every kit comes with a long-lasting wool applicator and buffing pads you can use to breathe life back into automotive headlights, boats, motorcycles, and other items. We also proudly supply our own proprietary microfiber cleaning cloths and lint-free wipes. If you have any questions about our plastic repair products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Just call 888-827-7330 or email to receive assistance from one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives today.