TAP Plastics: Fremont, CA
5160 Mowry Avenue
Fremont CA 94538

Email: tap20@tapplastics.com

Open: Mon-Sat 9 to 5

Phone: 510.796.3550
Fax: 510.796.0444

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TAP Plastics: Fremont, CA
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Manager: Gretchen Skillman
Email: manager20@tapplastics.com

Gretchen has been with TAP since December 2011.

"We went into the Fremont TAP Plastics Store, and from the moment we stepped into the store we received a high energy welcome and excellent customer service from Dee. Dee was the customer service person we worked with on our custom orders. She listened to our needs, suggested materials and ideas, and was very pleasant to work with. Our orders were created perfectly. We returned for another custom order the same day. Dee advised that we could save significant cost by selecting a different material for the particular application and function we needed. We saved half the price due to Dee's understanding of the project and the plastic function. Wonderful to work with Dee! Steve & Rose Papadopoulos"

Yelp review from Rose P. San Francisco, CA
October 13, 2018