TAP Plastics: Santa Rosa, CA
2770 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Email: tap29@tapplastics.com

Open: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5:30 pm, Sat 9 to 5.

Phone: 707.544.5772
Fax: 707.544.0630

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TAP Plastics: Santa Rosa, CA
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Manager: Cheryl Majors
Email: manager29@tapplastics.com
Cheryl has been with TAP since May 2000.

Asst. Manager: Mara Johnstone
Mara has been with TAP since May 2007.

I've been to TAP many times for help with creating special items like custom sized and drilled plexiglass. As an artist, I am often coming up with ideas that the TAP staff is so helpful in helping me bring to reality! Plus, I love going there to see a variety of related products. Their service is just wonderful. I'm so happy this company is easy to get to.

Yelp review from
Barbara J.
Sebastopol, CA
April 18, 2019