TAP Plastics: SAN JOSE, CA

TAP Plastics: San Jose, CA
1212 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126

Email: tap13@tapplastics.com

Open: By Email Appointment Only

Phone: 408.292.8685
Fax: 408.292.0161

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TAP Plastics: San Jose, CA
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Manager: Denny Rout
Email: manager13@tapplastics.com

Denny has been with TAP since December 1975.

Asst. Manager: Jeremy Palmer
Jeremy has been with TAP since February 2020.

I was in need of materials for a project and buying online would not get them here on time. Not only did they know what I was looking for but also had some advice to help me with a different project I had coming up. Thanks!

Yelp review from Malis V.
Sunnyvale, CA
February 16, 2020