About TAP Plastics

In 1952 two entrepreneurs named Art Whitehead and Gilbert Taylor joined forces to open a wholesale distribution center for fiberglass materials and sheet acrylics. Located in Oakland, CA they called it Taylor and Art Plastics.  Later in 1961, they opened a retail company called TAP Plastics with its first location on Foothill Blvd in Hayward.  The business went through many phases and products. TAP Plastics began as one store and has evolved into stores in all three West Coast states and a web-store.

Through all this time the most significant commitment has been the development of the local plastics store, The Fantastic Plastic Place. From a wholesale orientation and history with resins, fiberglassing supplies, and various sheet plastic products, we have become the premier retail source for the do-it-yourselfer who enjoys the many home improvement projects that the world of plastics makes available.

Such projects range from replacing your patio tabletop, to making cosplay costumes, to air conditioner inserts. Whether you are a homeowner, artist, boat builder, or surfer, many of the materials needed for your creation are available only at TAP.

The retail plastic store concept emerged from the idea that products, long thought only to be available on an industrial basis, can, in fact, be used by do-it-yourselfers, as well as the professional craftsman.

Implicit to the success of TAP’s do-it-yourself concept is the role of our employees. TAP employees are knowledgeable problem solvers, eager to help you with your project. TAP is a company dedicated to people; ­ our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we live. It is this unique combination of people and products that make TAP the Fantastic Plastic Place.