Did you know that acrylic plastic is often called plexiglass?


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Polycarbonate sheet is tough and highly impact-resistant.

Polycarbonate sheet is a tough and highly impact-resistant material. It is light weight with exceptional clarity and light transmission properties. Since it is difficult to break, it is useful wherever safety, security, or impact-resistance is important.

Polycarbonate sheets will expand and contract with temperature changes, but will not shrink with age. Some shrinkage occurs when it is heated to forming temperature, but postforming stability is excellent.

Polycarbonate sheet is resistant to many common household materials including Beer, Coffee, Detergents, Fish Oil, Fruit Syrup, Liquor, Milk, Mineral Water, Orange Juice, Liquor, Wine, Table Vingar, Salad Oil, Salt Solution (10%), Tomato Juice, Vodka, Cocoa.

  • Applications: burglar-resistant glazing; signs; recreational vehicle windows and wind-screens; safety glazing; skylights; displays
  • Thicknesses: .015", .020", 1/32" or .030", 1/16" or .060", 3/32" or .093", 1/8" or .118", 3/16" or .177", 1/4" or .236", 3/8" or .375" , 1/2" or .50".
  • Colors: all thicknesses in clear. Solar gray in 1/8" or .118", 1/4" or .236". Sign white in 1/8" or .118".

Polycarbonate AR sheet is abrasion-resistent.
Polycarbonate AR sheet is Abrasion Resistant and offers the dual protection you need to ensure long service life in demanding glazing applications—the high impact strength of standard polycarbonate sheet, coupled with enhanced weatherability and superior abrasion resistance. Its mar resistance approaches that of glass.

  • Thicknesses: 1/8" or .118", 3/16" or .177", 1/4" or .236".
  • Color: clear