Did you know that acrylic plastic is often called plexiglass?

Signage Type

Vinyl-Cut Letters and Graphics

Your Choices Are Endless With Vinyl-Cut. Choose your letter color and background material. Then decide whether or not to apply the letters yourself or to have TAP do it.

We scan your logo or graphic.

Custom Cut Letters, Logos, and Graphic Designs. At TAP we make your ideas become reality. On windows, white vinyl-cut letters have the most impact, unless the wall directly behind the window is white. To prevent vandalism, the letters can be installed on the inside of the window, just ask for Mirror-Reverse when you place your order. Apply-the-letters-yourself and save! Sorry we cannot install custom-cut vinyl letters or graphics on site. However, we'll show you how, it's easy! See video below.

Laser-Cut Letters and Graphics

Flat-Cut Acrylic. TAP uses a computer program to custom design your letters or graphics from plastic. With our computer driven high-tech laser, the power of light is harnessed and focused with extreme accuracy. Not only does our laser cut precisely and leave a smooth finished edge, but it also cuts cost effectively.

Dimensional Letters: Molded Plastics to Finished Metals. Your sign is your customers' first impression of you—make it a good one with durable molded plastic letters and numbers in upper and lower case (some symbols available). Size ranges from 2" to 72" in height (depending upon letter style).

Drive-By Images

Put Your Message In Motion. Easy-on and easy-off impressions with Magnetic signs. We'll put the vinyl-lettering and graphics on for you or you can do-it-yourself! See Application & Care for Magnetic Sheet Care.

Moving Vehicle Messages. Put your business in motion. With vehicle graphics your company trucks, vans, and cars become traveling billboards. Install yourself—we'll show you how—it's easy! Vinyl lettering and graphics not only look better than painted lettering on cars, trucks, vans, and boats, but they last longer too.

Informational Signs and Symbols

Market Real Estate Locations. Get noticed! High-impact graphics entice customers to take a look at their house of dreams or the property they have always wanted. Residential or commercial property site signs help sell or lease properties.

Menu And Directional Boards. Easy to read menu and directional boards quickly give your customers the information they need—whether it's to cure a hunger pain or find the right compass point.

Industrial and International Symbols. From parking lot to rest room, we have approved handicap signs for your business from small peel and stick to stencils to silhouettes. The peel and stick international signs are a durable, plastic background with silk-screen graphics and an adhesive back. If you want to make your own sign, we can custom laser-cut or vinyl-cut your symbol.