EX-74 is an extremely clear, tough, high gloss surface coating formulated to produce a deep glass like appearance in a single layer on a sealed surface. Two or more layers are often applied for added depth and protection.

EX-74 has been formulated with UV inhibitors to reduce yellowing of epoxy coatings. EX-74 is not weather resistant and is not recommended for unprotected exterior use. Exterior use will cause a chalky surface requiring sanding and recoating to restore the glossy surface.

EX-74 has an extended "open time" which allows up to 25 minutes in the mixing container at 70º F and up to one hour working time on the surface being coated. Not recommended in freezing climates due to possibility of de-lamination.

Always seal porous surfaces such as wood or canvas with a thin brushed on layer of EX-74 before pouring a top coat. See instructions in the link below for full details.

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for Ultra-Glo EX-74 Instruction.
Click here for EX-74 data sheet.

TAP Video: How to use Ultra-Glo and Ultra-Seal

This item is a shipping hazard and can only ship via ground delivery within the United States and Canada.