TAP Plastics: San Mateo, CA

Same Day Delivery available using Roadie



Manager: Enrique Ramirez 
Enrique has been with TAP since September 2013.

"TAP Plastics employees totally understand safe shopping during the pandemic. I went to the front door, read the sign only one customer is permitted at a time, an employee comes to the front door to let me in when appropriate. Not one, but two employees acknowledged my arrival and told me it would just be a few minutes (which it was). When one returned to allow my entrance, I showed them a picture of what I had in mind; they found it for me, opened the door, asked me if I would like some hand sanitizer (sure!), I took a quick look at what they selected, it was correct, I paid and was out in about 5 minutes. Love them!"



Yelp review from Laurie G.
Palo Alto, CA
September 9, 2020