Solar Control Window Tint Films

TAP Solar Control Window Films (R-20 and R-50 Silver) reflect up to 79% of the sun's heat, block 99% of harmful ultra-violet, and yet allow you to see outside clearly. These films are not available at other retailers and will never fade or bubble. With their proprietary scratch-coating, they will stay looking new for years, even after repeated cleanings. They will reduce heating costs and allow you to leave drapes open on sunny days without the worry of fading or heat.

R-20 Silver: Reflects 79% of the sun's heat, blocks 99% UV and allows 20% visible light transmission. It is the highest performing film with the greatest daytime privacy. Available in 36" and 48" widths.
R-50 Silver: Reflects 54% of the sun's heat, blocks 99% UV and allows 50% visible light transmission. It is barely visible on the window yet still blocks over half the heat! Ideal for those who do not like window film look on their windows, yet want better window performance. Available in widths.

Material will be shipped as one continuous length.

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TAP Video: Selecting the right window film

TAP Video: How to apply window film