Vinyl Tubing

Vinyl Tubing
Vinyl tubing is clear, durable, and lightweight. Use flexible vinyl tubing to transport liquids, gases, and some solids. Chemically resistant to alkalies, alcohol, caliphate, hydrocarbons, oils, and some acids. Our clear vinyl tubing retains transparency, stands up to rough handling. It has thousands of uses in the home, office, factory, or classroom. Odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic. Conform to critical industry standards and have been approved by FDA, USDA, USP Class VI, NSF 51, 3A and UL.


• Air Lines
• Beverage Bottling and Service
• Blood Pressure Machines
• Chemical Applications
• Chemical Processing
• Chemical Analysis Equipment
• Citrus Processing
• Dental Consoles
• Drain Lines
• Filling Systems
• Food Handling and Dispensing
• Food Processing
• Fragrances
• Ice Machines
• Ice Cream Machines
• Industrial Gas
• Janitorial Chemical
• Dispensers

• Laboratory Setups
• Measurement Devices
• Medical Disposables
• Milk Handling and Processing
• Oxygen Lines
• Peristaltic Pumping
• Pharmaceutical Production
• Photo Processing
• Pumping Systems
• Refrigeration
• Robotics
• Sight Gauges
• Syrups and Flavors
• Tank to Tank Transfer
• Testing Equipment
• Vacuum Lines
• Vending Machines
• Water Lines


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