Colored Acrylic Rods

These vibrant-colored rods are available in 1/4” and 1/2” diameters and have a multitude of decorative and artistic uses. Black and white rods are opaque. Yellow, green, red, blue, purple, fluorescent green and fluorescent red-pink are transparent.

NOTE: Sizes are nominal—extruded acrylic rods are not manufactured to a precise diameter—their “thickness” will vary, even within the same 6’ length. Therefore, if your project requires precise tolerances, or if you will be “friction-fitting” pieces of a rod into drilled holes of plastic sheet (or other material), sections of these rods will most likely be too large or too small in diameter. Also, friction-fitting acrylic rods into drilled holes will cause the rods to easily snap (even under light pressure) where they enter the material. If needed, contact your local TAP store or TAP’s Web Sales department for more information.
NOTE: If 6' OVERSIZE is selected, an additional S/H charge will be added to your invoice. If specific lengths are needed, please make a notation in the Comments/Instructions form in the checkout page.

If “other” is selected from drop down for cutting, a labor charge may apply. We will contact you with pricing after we receive your order.

UPS Oversize Fee: UPS applies the fee to any package exceeding 48” however, they require a minimum of 2” around the product to reduce any possible damages.