TAP Silicone RTV Mold-Making System

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TAP Silicone RTV Mold-Making System is a complete mold-making system that can be used to make virtually any type of mold! Silicone exhibits very low shrinkage, excellent long-term retention of rubber properties, and accurate detail reproduction making it attractive for casting cement, vinyl, wax, plaster, low-melt metals, urethane resins, epoxy resins, and polyester resins.
A two-component, tin-catalyzed, room temperature cured silicone is a 25 Shore A molded rubber—meaning it is flexible, has excellent dimensional stability, and excellent elongation and tear strength. Follow directions fully for safety and best results. The Maximum recommended casting temperature is 350ºF. TAP Silicone has a 6-8 hour de-mold time allowing two-part molds to be completed in one day.

Side A (Silicone) is an off-white liquid with a medium viscosity of 60,000 cP. Since this is a tin or condensation cure system, cure inhibition is not typical. However, some sulfur-containing clays can inhibit the cure. The clay TAP carries will not affect the cure. Testing should always be done if there is any uncertainty.

Side B (Catalyst) is blue to make it easier to tell when the silicone is thoroughly mixed with no streaks. The mixing ratio is ten parts side A to 1 part side B by weight or 9-to-1 by volume. Shake the catalyst before using.

1 lb. of silicone yields about 12 fl. oz.

Use Thixotropic Additive to thicken silicone to peanut butter consistency for blanket molds and on vertical surfaces.

Use Silicone Thinner to reduce viscosity of silicone.

TAP Video: How to make a simple silicone mold
part 1

TAP Video: How to make a simple silicone mold
part 2

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