Plants Vs Zombie Toy Figures


Made using TAP InstaShape.

TAP InstaShape

TAP InstaShape
TAP InstaShape is a lightweight, non-toxic polyester thermoplastic consisting of small, white beads (about 1/8” diameter). When heated, the beads coagulate together and turn clear. In this heated state it behaves like warm clay and can be hand-molded into any shape.

There are several way to heat the plastic beads. The easiest way is to microwave a cup of water for about 2 minutes and then pour the desired amount of TAP InstaShape directly into the water. Use a fork to “stir” the now clear beads together. Retrieve the material with the fork and let it cool until it is comfortable to touch with your hands. From that point you can shape it to your design. As is cools, it becomes more white in color. It can always be reheated to extend your working time. Working time will depend on the amount of InstaShape that is used.

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