Worbla Sheet

Worbla Sheet
Worbla is a non-toxic thermoplastic made from renewable natural raw materials and is a favorite material for Cosplay,
costume design, jewelry, props, models, and arts & crafts. proudly offers Worbla in two of colors to meet whatever project awaits you!

Directly draw on Worbla with a marker, cut with scissors or a Dremel tool, and heat-form to your desired shape! When attaching Worbla to itself, the natural adhesive activates when it is heated—simply press two heated pieces together. After Worbla cools, you can use hot glue or epoxy-type adhesives.
  • Drills, sands and paints easily
  • Forms best with heat gun (hot water or steam can also be used)
  • No waste – scraps can be 100% re-blended
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