FlexBond for Worbla

  • $34.75

FlexBond provides a flexible adhesive bond between many scenic materials, such as fabrics, plastics, foams, and wood. FlexBond dries to a transparent, hard, yet pliable coating that does not suffer from the "tackiness" common in many other flexible types of glue even after those glues have had days to dry. And unlike ordinary "white" glues, which can crack and break when flexed, the adhesive bond of FlexBond remains extraordinarily pliable and robust even as the materials bend and deform. FlexBond is water-based with little fume. Works excellent on Ethafoam to provide a durable coating that will accept paint.

Mixing: Stir before using. Do not shake as bubbles may develop.

Dilution: Use FlexBond undiluted on most non-porous and porous surfaces. FlexBond may be diluted with water if desired. Thinner mixtures will flow and level more than an undiluted application and will dry to a thinner coating.

Color: Off-white, matte finish.

Coverage: Approximately 250 sq. ft. per gallon (23 sq. m. per 3.79L).

Film Thickness: Undiluted 1 mil dry film.

Dry Time: Varies with the application. Sets in 30-45 minutes—the full cure within seven days.

Clean-Up: Soap and water.

Shelf Life: Minimum 24 months.


  1. Do not apply when surface or air temperature is below 50°F (10°C).
  2. Protect against freezing.
  3. Avoid prolonged contact with skin or breathing of spray.
  4. Please do not take it internally.
  5. Use with adequate ventilation.

Bend, flex, crush flexbond-primed Worbla. It won't chip or flake.