TAP Platinum Silicone

TAP Platinum Silicone is a low viscosity, two-part, platinum cure silicone which vulcanizes at room temperature (RTV).
  • Super soft and flexible (Shore A8).
  • Translucent, allowing visibility of master part as silicone is poured.
  • Very high chemical resistance, and is compatible with plaster, polyurethane, epoxy, and polyester resins.
  • High dimensional stability, and good temperature and mechanical resistance.
  • Excellent non-stick properties, making mold releases unnecessary in most applications.
  • Chemical resistance gives it a long life for production runs.
  • Needs 24 hours for full cure.
  • Low viscosity (vacuum not required to de-air).
  • Yields approximately 15 fluid oz/lbs. (20% more than tin cure Silicone RTV)
Applications include:
  • Mold making for models with deep undercuts and fine details
  • Mechanical uses for its sound deadening power and areas where soft cushioning are required.
  • Electronics due to its good resistance to high temperature and impact protection.
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics due to its softness, ease of use and high tear resistance.
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