Mold Making Guide - One Part Brush Molding

Brush Molding

This method is suited to taking imprints of inclined, vertical or overhanging models, generally when they are large or when it is not possible to move the model.


Apply a thin coat of release coating to the model to make it easier to demold.

Apply the first coat of RTV that is either thixotropic or otherwise made thixotropic through an additive with a brush (impression coat).

Without waiting for the RTV to cure completely (after 1 to 4 h depending on ambient temperatures) apply the number of coats that are required to obtain the final thickness (generally 1 to 2 coats)

Accentuated undercuts will be filled with an RTV paste before producing the shell. Leave to cure for 16 to 24h at room temperature.

Mark off the membrane several centimeters around its edge and apply a release agent to the outer surface.

Make the supporting shell in plaster, polyester or in epoxy/glass fabric.
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