Custom Acrylic Display Case for Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Case

Anthony Torres, aka as another satisfied TAP Plastics customer, was fortunate enough to travel to Florida for the final space shuttle launch on July 8th 2011, and then do the "behind the scenes" tour of the NASA Kennedy Space Center. It inspired him so much that he built a model of the space shuttle Atlantis to commemorate the experience. He couldn't find any display cases that would fit the dimensions he required, so he began doing internet research. Anthony came across TAP Plastics instructional videos on Youtube. He visited the TAP website and ordered his custom cut 1/4" acrylic sheets, capillary cement and syringe applicator. Because of TAP's straight forward instructional videos, and perfectly cut-to-size acrylic, the construction of his museum style display case was a breeze... even though this is the first time he ever attempted such a thing. He says, "I began work on the model on August 1st, and completed the entire project on December 26th. If it weren't for TAP laying things out in such a simple manner, I don't know where the project would be at this point."