Plastic Fabric Hanger

Plastic Fabric Hanger

Susan Shawl wrote a letter to TAP regarding her acrylic hanger.

Hello TAP Plastics,

I bought an embroidered yurt hanging on a trip to Uzbekistan last fall and wanted to hang it on the wall above a door, but couldn't find anything that didn't distract from the fabric itself. Then when visiting the El Cerrito store (to get some small containers for a trip), I saw the solid acrylic rod you offer. I noted the various diameters and went home to use this info and figure out how to make this work.

I then saw a TV ad for 3M's Command wall hanging hooks that can be moved around. Here is how the final product looks. I have many friends who are textile collectors and it's very difficult to find ways to display them. I'm thrilled with this solution.

Susan, from Oakland