Acrylic Arcade Cabinet

Acrylic Arcade Cabinet

Dylan Joy, another TAP satisfied customer, wanted to thank the Seattle store for helping him build his custom acrylic arcade cabinet. The materials were 1/2” and 1” clear acrylic and TAP did all the cutting and drilling. Here’s what he wrote.

“Hello, and thank you for all the great customer support and creative work in assisting me with the creation of my custom acrylic arcade cabinet! I wanted something that would be beautiful as a showcase in it’s own right, as well a functional arcade cabinet that would allow the ‘80s arcade experience to live on as I remember it!

I recently built my 9 year-old son, Ethan, an arcade cabinet out of concentric acrylic cubes, and owe much respect to the craftsmen at TAP, who assisted me with this ambitious project. I have worked as an engineer for many years, but this was the most ambitious project I have undertaken to date, and I love that I can give credit to the wonderful artisans at TAP for their assistance in this process!

Thanks again for the wonderful assistance, and for helping me keep a small part of my generation’s heritage alive!"

Very best,