All Basket. A Classic Creations by Martha Rae

All Basket
These baskets are handcrafted from a dough recipe, baked, and coated with Ultra Glo. Although they are breakable, they will give you many years of enjoyment. Since it is a handcrafted item, no two are the same. I guarantee all my baskets never to mold. I also tell all my customers that if they do, as long as I can see the item, I will replace it free of charge (except shipping and handling), but I've never had to do that because I make sure my work is high quality and coated very well with Ultra Glo. There' are a variety of sizes to fit the diversity of people's budgets.

These baskets can be used to serve dinner rolls, so I get a lot of orders for just the basket alone, but I also sell them with a reversible cloth napkin that I sew, and artificial flowers as well for a beautiful centerpiece. Prices are as follows:

Small round basket: $15.00. With napkin: $17.00. With napkin and flowers: $20.00. Measures 7.5 inches in diameter and approximately 3 inches high.

Medium oval basket: $30.00. With napkin: $35.00. With napkin and flowers: $40.00. Measures 12.5 inches x 9 inches x 3 inches high.

Large oval basket: $40.00. With napkin: $45.00. With napkin and flowers: $50.00. Measures 15 inches x 10.5 inches x 3.5 inches high.

Many colors are available including blue, yellow, pink, purple/lavender, mauve, or white. All a customer has to do is specify a color, and I'll do my best to create it. Prints and shades of fabric vary according to availability, but I've never had a complaint.

A little about myself: I am a single mother of two sets of grown twins, and learned years ago through much trial and error how to make these baskets. I loved the time I had raising my children and always knew I'd be able to make these baskets full time someday. Last year I made a few to show to people to see if they'd be a hit and they were. People love them, and seeing their reactions makes all the time and effort well worth it. I made each one myself from start to finish and used to use a different coating, but now that I've discovered Ultra Glo, my sales have increased immensely! Thank you TAP Plastics. Your business truly is my business.

Martha Rae, 233 Marcia Dr.
Youngstown, Ohio 44515
(330) 792-7919