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Need to mend dented, wrinkled, or gouged surfaces? Shop from our selection of fiberglass repair products today to stock up on everyday restoration supplies.

If you are accustomed to working with fabrication materials, you may already know how versatile fiberglass is. This strong composite material is used throughout many industries, including aerospace, automotive, chemical, manufacturing, marine, power generation, paper, and more. Not only is fiberglass durable and safe, but it also boasts high thermal insulation that is vital to conserving energy, protecting machinery, and safeguarding professional workforces. At TAP Plastics, we understand how upsetting it can be when you discover a hole in your jet ski or a crack in the body panel of a high-end automobile. Luckily, our selection of fiberglass repair products includes all the supplies you need to tackle any application. Shop from our selection today to start mending just about anything in your way.

Looking for a flexible filler to use in auto body, marine repair, industrial patching, and other applications? We are pleased to supply Dynalite made by Dynatron, which is one of the world’s most famous professional body fillers. This revolutionary two-part polyester compound features a unique mixture of microspheres, resins, and talcs that strikes the perfect balance between value and high-performance finishing. Every can of Dynalite features a fast-mixing, lightweight, non-separating filler that features a smooth texture and is easy to spread on concrete, fiberglass, metal, wood, or other surfaces. Choose from one quart or one gallon to take on any fiberglass or paint repair project with ease.

In addition to the lightweight Dynalite, we also offer Dynatron’s Dyna-Glass and Dyna-Hair fillers. These fiberglass repair products make quick and easy work of fixing leaks, small holes, shattered surfaces, or corroded metals. Dyna-Glass takes a standard body filler one step further because it’s reinforced with short fiberglass strands and milled fiberglass to produce a super thick formula. Dyna-Hair is another body filler, except that it’s formulated with long strands of chopped fiberglass to accommodate larger repair applications. Not only does Dyna-Hair double the strength of other body fillers, but it is also designed for better flexibility on impact and cracking resistance. Whether you need a reliable filler for carpentry, metalworking, or plumbing, we have just the solution in our fiberglass repair collection. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by calling 888-827-7330 or emailing to learn more.