Cosplay Glove


Made using Worbla by our Lynnwood store employees.

Worbla Sheet

Worbla Sheet
Worbla is a non-toxic thermoplastic made from renewable natural raw materials, and is a popular material for Cosplay, costume design, jewelry, props, models, and arts & crafts. Simply draw on Worbla with a marker, cut with scissors or a Dremel tool, and heat-form to your desired shape! To attach Worbla to itself, the natural adhesive activates when it is heated—simply press two heated pieces together. After Worbla cools, hot glue or epoxy-type adhesives may be used.
  • Drills, sands and paints easily
  • Forms best with heat gun (hot water or steam can also be used)
  • No waste – scraps can be 100% re-blended
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