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Your one-stop plastic containers shop! Our vast selection of plastic containers such as plastic boxes, molded boxes, infinite divider systems, Tuff-Tainers, flex-hinge polypropylene box, BallQube holders, tradesman case and Lil brute toolbox provide ideal storage for sports memorabilia, collectibles, tools, hardware, decorations, travel accessories, fishing lures and more!

Are you trying to get organized? Finding a place for every possession can be problematic, but TAP Plastics may have just the solution you need to start decluttering once and for all. We offer a large selection of plastic containers for various applications and storage needs. Our plastic storage boxes are available in all shapes and sizes as well as a wide variety of colors. Whether you need several compartments for craft supplies, a durable carrying case for tools, candy bins for your store, vials for aromatherapy oils, or small plastic bottles for travel, we have something for everyone to choose from. Shop from our selection today to see all the unique ways you can organize and save time in the process.

We are all prone to wasting time looking for things, but all that can change with the help of plastic boxes. If you keep dreaming of an orderly kitchen, we offer an array of plastic containers that can help you tackle your most significant problem areas. Our plastic jars, jugs, and hexagonal containers can be used to store cookies, crackers, granola bars, nuts, seeds, or other snacks you’d like to display. Our hinged containers and polypropylene vials are both airtight and moisture-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about medications losing efficacy or foods spoiling before the expiration date. We also offer pillboxes, beakers, dispensers, sprayers, pumps, plastic measuring containers, storage bags, and HDPE wide-mouth jars for creams, granules, or powders.

Helping you keep a tidy pantry isn’t all we can do. We offer a wide range of plastic boxes and cases that can be used to store collectibles, crafts, decorations, fishing gear, hardware, memorabilia, tools, travel accessories, and so much more. Our infinite divider systems and Tuff-Tainers are perfect for organizing jewelry, cosmetics, or other small items, giving you the freedom to configure your compartments. We also offer molded and showcase boxes for retail use. Many of the plastic containers that we supply are certified BPA-free and made of FDA-approved food-grade resins. If you have any questions or concerns today, please feel free to contact us for friendly and helpful service.