5 Gallon Stackable Bottle

  • $13.45

Made of FDA approved food grade plastic.These stackable bottles, tight-head containers are designed to be the industry's most effective for filling and shipping. Some of the features and benefits:
  • Buttress neck and cap are fail safe for cross threading and produce a tight seal to hold the toughest products
  • 70mm neck for fast filling and easy pouring
  • Comes with cap. Tamper evident cap is STANDARD
  • Fixed handle with enough space for a large hand
  • Closed vent for a safe shipping and easy customer pouring
  • "U" shaped top & bottom design makes for an interlock non-shift filled pallet load.
10  1/8"
14  1/4"

NOTE: 3/4" Flo-Rite Spout sold separately.