TAP Marine Vinyl-Ester Resin

This item is a shipping hazard and can only ship via ground delivery within the continental United States.
A high-performance 100% vinyl-ester thixotropic laminating resin with a high heat distortion temperature. This resin features a stable, pre-promoted gel and cure formulation. Toughness, good cosmetics, and a rapid cure make it ideal for skin coating and suitable for hand lay-up. It is corrosion resistant and has superior blister resistance. It meets the MIL-R-7575C standard and is compatible with all our fabrics, pigments, and fillers. Recommended for use with Kevlar and Carbon fabrics (see our Fiberglass Fabrics section). Catalyst sold separately. Available in 5-gallon size by phone order only: (888) 827-7330 Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm (PST).

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