Acrylic and Plastic Cleaner

Plastic is used in a wide variety of applications and projects, but few people know how to clean plastic properly. Luckily, TAP Plastics has more than 60 years of experience working with a wide range of fabrication materials. We proudly keep our inventory stocked with cleaning supplies and polishes to help customers maintain their plastic projects, decorations, and building materials. Using the wrong cleaning product can severely damage or even ruin plastic, so it’s important to keep your home collection stocked with the necessary supplies. Our plastic cleaner collection includes kits for removal of adhesives, discoloration, grease, oil, scratches, stains, and so much more.

Our selection of acrylic cleaners and polishes features an assortment of products made by brands that professionals trust, such as NOVUS, 303, Kleenmaster, and more. Brillianize plastic polish is the top-rated solution for plastics and hard surfaces because its anti-static properties repel dust and the surface glaze resists fingerprints. You can use Kleenmaster’s one-step cleaning and polishing products on carbon fiber, glazed ceramics, glass, fiberglass, granite, stainless steel, titanium, vinyl, and other materials. Meguiar’s PlastX features a creamy gel formula that quickly restores optical clarity to both rigid and flexible clear plastics. The NOVUS plastic polish system leaves a lustrous shine that resists fogging and eliminates static.

Restore motorcycles, golf carts, boats, vehicles, and other large areas quickly by investing in a buffing kit that conveniently attaches to a standard 3/8” household drill. In the market for plastic cleaners that are safe to use and easy on the environment? Cleanup Solvent 22 replaces chlorinated solvents and dries quickly, making it ideal for adhesive removal and carpet cleaning. Lift-Off® #2 is also efficient at removing chewing gum, pencil marks, and stains from a variety of surfaces. In addition to acrylic cleaners, we also carry an assortment of lint-free wipes, microfiber cleaning cloths, plastic restoration sheets, and so much more.

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