Brillianize + MicroFiber Cloth

Clean, Polish & Protect

Kleenmaster Brillianize

Kleenmaster Brillianize
Brillianize is the #1 rated cleaner & polish for plastics and hard shiny surfaces!* The anti-static properties repel dust and the surface glaze resists fingerprints.

Recommended Surfaces:
• glass
• plastics
• window film
• vinyl
• fiberglass
• stainless steel
• titanium
• granite
• chromium
• carbon fiber
• anodized aluminum
• glazed ceramics
• polished marble
• lacquer finishes
• all hard shiny surfaces!

Hundreds of uses:
• museums
• aircraft
• boats
• mirrors
• showcases
• sneeze guards
• copier machine glass
• television screens
• refrigerators
• display cases
• anti-glare
• UV and 'museum glass'
• fine art framing glass
• LCD and plasma TVs/displays
• medical equipment
• touch screens
• DVD's, CD's, and more!

• Ammonia and alcohol free, non-toxic
• Sprayer attachment included with quart size

*TAP only recommends our non-abrasive Lint-Free Wipes or Microfiber cloths to clean plastic surfaces. Ordinary paper towels are abrasive and can scratch plastic!

Click here for Plastic Sheets Care Product Bulletin.

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Click here for Brillianize Product Safety Statement
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