Window Film

At our TAP Plastics stores we carry a wide variety of window film that allows for protection from harm, heat, and solar UV rays.

Safety Window Film

Safety Window Film acts like a steel curtain to hold shattered glass in place to protect you and your family from serious harm.

Children: Sliding glass doors and running children often collide. With a clear 4-mil Safety Film the shattered glass is held in place and the child is safe from harm.

Earthquakes: Windows break into fragments, sending shards of flying glass into the room. Be safe with Safety Film.

Break-Ins: Windows are your weakest link of security. Clear Safety Film discourages break-ins.

Graffiti Protection: Cover windows, mirrors, and doors to reduce the cost of vandalism. Our clear Safety Film is scratch-resistant and blocks 99% of UV rays which cause fading.

  • Width: 48"
  • Color: clear

Solar Control Window Film

Solar Control Window Film provides more than safety in your home or office. All TAP films are scratch resistant:
  • Protects furniture from fading by rejecting 99% of the sun\'s ultraviolet rays.
  • Fights glare while sending sunlight through the window, but with less of the sun\'s heat.
  • Reflects heat back to its source, saves on summer cooling costs and winter heating bills.
  • Privacy during the day, even with your drapes open — reduces lighting bills.

R-20 Silver offers maximum efficiency, privacy, and heat protection. 

  • Widths: 36", 48"

R-50 Silver is nearly invisible on your window, yet it blocks half the heat and 99% of the UV that causes fading.

  • Widths: 48"

Vinyl-Cling Film

Vinyl-Cling Film (remove and reuse) is great for boats, cars, and home. Put on for sunny daytime protection, and remove at sunset. It will not shrink from one application to the next.

Privacy allows 6% light transmission

  • Widths: 36"

Auto-Tint Window Film

Auto-Tint Window Film reduces glare and the sun\'s fading rays on upholstery. It is a professional quality film that is scratch-resistant.

AT-5 (Limo) provides 95% privacy

AT-15 provides 85% privacy

AT-35 provides 65% privacy

  • Width: 20", 36" (AT-5 only)

Window-Film Installation Accessories


  • Widths: plastic 2", 3-1/2", 4", 6", 12", 14"

Window Scraper

5-way Tool/Trim Guide

Utility Knife

Spray Bottle

  • Size: 32 oz

Film Off (window film remover) is nontoxic, environmentally friendly, will not harm skin, does not contain solvents.

  • Size: available in quarts or gallons