TAP Article: Plastic Desk Organization Tips

Are you getting ready for the dreaded task of tidying your desk? Cleaning up can seem like somewhat of an uphill battle when you begin, but you can keep your workspace neat and orderly when you have the right accessories on hand. At TAP Plastics, we are always on the hunt for original and imaginative office organization ideas that can maximize efficiency and help you maintain your sanity. We rounded up some of the best plastic desk organization tips we could find to help you get the decluttering process started. Check out these inventive ideas for plastic organizers and so much more!

Plastic Desk Organization Tips
When you sneak away to your home office for some peace, the last thing you want to see is a messy desk filled with stacks of paperwork, pens, and post-it notes. Tackling a big job like this all at once can be overwhelming, but you will hopefully find plenty of inspiration in this list of organization tips and get the job done with complete confidence.

1. Group similar items together. Do you often find yourself digging through mountains of miscellaneous items? Working in the middle of a mess isn’t for everyone, and we have a solution. You can make your daily routine much easier by grouping like items together, so you always know where to look and reach when you need something in particular for a project or task. We offer a clear acrylic desk organizer with six sizable sections for easy organizing, so you can keep sticky notes, writing utensils, labels, and other office tools separate yet easily accessible.

2. Sort by importance. Multitasking is almost cognitively impossible, which means that our brains shouldn’t be tasked with working on more than one thing a time. The same attitude can be applied to how you organize what precious desk space you have at home. Sorting your office essentials by importance will help to minimize the time it takes to find the items you need and use throughout the day. We offer polypropylene boxes with a hinged-lid design. With over ten vertical and horizontal boxes to choose from, you can find an endless array of configurations for your desk. Best of all, they’re stackable! You can also store your essentials close to your dominant hand to avoid reaching across your body a million times a day for paperclips, stamps, and other necessities. Click here for plastic containers.

3. Create a personal space. Everyone has things that they bring to work every day that aren’t work-related and need a designated place. Instead of tossing your keys, phone, purse, or wallet on the desk, choose a specific area to store these essentials. You can build your floating shelves by using plexiglass or polycarbonate sheets to take full advantage of the space above your desk. Floating shelves can do wonders in terms of decorating, but they will also free up space on the desk where those personal belongings used to go. Be sure to corral your knickknacks and keep them contained in a specific area as well. You’ll soon discover a myriad of options once you go vertical!

4. Make a DIY charging station. We all need backup batteries, spare headphones, and extra chargers for devices such as cellphones and laptops. In the ideal desk, you could transform one of your drawers into a one-stop shop for charging electronics. But if that’s not possible, you can easily make a custom charging station to go behind your monitor, where these distracting devices can stay out of sight and, hopefully, out of mind. Our brochure holders and plastic literature displays may do the trick! Many of the magazine holders we offer come with perfectly sized holes in the bottom of the front for charging cables. You can even mount them to the wall above your desk. These clear acrylic literature displays will make your devices visible while you work and charged when you leave.

5. Purge and organize paperwork. Forms and papers have a bad habit of quickly piling up, interfering with your workflow and what little space you have. Rather than keeping piles of paperwork all over your desk, implement a filing system for papers that have yet to be dealt with and papers that have already been addressed. Once again, our brochure holders and plastic literature displays would be perfect for the job. Our translucent merchant case or black tradesmen case would also be perfect for storing documents and essential paperwork you may need to reference at a later time.

6. Tether your cables. There’s nothing like a tangle of wires to jumpstart a headache or pose a distraction. Using our nylon cable ties, you can keep your cables connected and clear of your workspace.

7. Schedule a regular cleaning time. Has it been weeks or even months since you last cleaned your desk? Tidying a messy desk may take you a few hours, but it can take no time at all moving forward if you start cleaning every day. Cleaning regularly will also bring closure to your workday and set you up for a fresh start tomorrow. We carry an assortment of plastic bottles, dispensers, sprayers, and pumps, which are perfect for creating your cleaning solution from a mixture of water and white vinegar for your desk, drawers, and computer screens. Click here for plastic cleaners and polishes.

Hopefully, these plastic desk organization tips give you a general idea of what it takes to keep a clean desk at home and in the office. When you are in a rush to get your desk clean or if you’ve never considered yourself very handy, you can find a wide selection of office supplies, such as paper clip holders, plastic boxes, PVC jars, carrying cases, and so much more right here. We also offer cut-to-size acrylic and plexiglass sheets for specialty projects. If you have any questions about this article or our product selection, please feel free to contact us today for additional information.