Star Trek Voyager Display Case

Star Trek Display Case

Kenny Conklin of Staten Island, New York contacted the TAP San Leandro location for help in designing and fabricating a model cover and base fabricated with 3/16” Clear Acrylic, 1/4” Black Acrylic, and 1/2” Black Acrylic, the fabrication allowed him to also feature LED lighting at the base.

The Kazon Torpedo is from the TV series Star Trek Voyager. It made only one appearance in the television series in the episode "Maneuvers", essentially it is a kamikaze type ship. The model kit he used was produced by Monogram models. The model was airbrushed and modified by adding lighting.

Kenny was such a delightful enthusiast he even filmed the full build of the model as well as the case made from TAP Plastics on his youtube channel.