Polycarbonate Observation Cages

Observation Cages
Now our polycarbonate sheeting is just showing off. From Stacey Lee Rice (thank you!) who sent us her completed masterpiece:

"Good morning. I purchased 1/32" poly-carbonate sheeting from your store in September 2015. I constructed observation cages to perform insect choice-test research in my entomology lab, and the cages have been used for multiple projects. They work great! I'm starting to draft my research paper for the first finished project, and TAP Plastics will be listed as a manufacturer.

It's been quite a while since the sheeting was purchased, but I promised to send pictures. These pictures show the cages set up for a host-plant choice test experiment with bagrada bugs (Bagrada hilaris). The second picture shows the insect eggs in the soil alongside a radish plant. The polycarbonate sheeting forms the side walls and the perimeter of the fitted lids. Attached is a poster summary of the research project. Enjoy!

Thanks for your help."