New Corporate Logo Signage

New Corporate Signage
Strategic Office Solutions (SOS) needed a corporate sign for their new office. Pamela Towan-DeForce, the director of marketing for the company, asked our TAP San Leandro store to simulate their corporate logo. The sign is 38" high by 65" long made of 1/2" clear acrylic with diamond edge finish on the edges. The letters were laser cut 1/8" matte black acrylic, matching their font style, glued to the acrylic. The 24" x 24" square SOS Logo is also 1/2" clear surrounded by strips of 1/2" black with a large bevel then hand sanded and buffed. The grey, red and white squares are vinyl applied on the reverse side. The black stripes are 1/16" black glued to the 1/2" clear black. Pamela said she received many, many comments on how beautiful the result looked.

Custom Logo Signage: $1,000.00