The New Extreme Sport ...Kiteboarding


Kiteboarding is the new extreme water sport to take the world by storm. Kiteboarding combines surfing, kite flying, and wakeboarding. A kite surfer is pulled across the water by a big kite while standing on a kiteboard (a small surfboard with straps.) With a good wind, kite surfers can move across the water at more than 40 miles (64 km) per hour, and launch jumps more than 30 feet (10 meters) in the air. Using TAP fiberglass resins and fabrics, Eric Stroeve of Lake Washoe, Nevada, created his custom extreme board for this new recreation.

The board was made using Clark Foam blank, with two wood stringers and a glue line. He used 6 oz E boat cloth with TAP Isophthalic High-Strength Resin. Pigment added at each stage giving way to a very dark color. The bottom has two layers of 6 oz cloth. The top has a unique "Triple Butted" cloth pattern: Three layers of 6 oz underneath the footpads, two in the midsection, and a single layer near the ends of the board. His result is an ultra-durable board. He has yet to break one!